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Teaching State Machines and Control Logic with Simulink and Stateflow: Part 3

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In this webinar series, we introduce the most important Stateflow concepts one step at a time by building a Stateflow chart from scratch.  This webinar series is intended for people who are unfamiliar with or new to Stateflow and serves as an introduction to Stateflow and state charts.  For current users of Stateflow, this webinar series can reveal new possibilities for improving existing Stateflow charts.

In Part 3, we complete the Stateflow chart we started building in Parts 1 and 2.  Concepts covered include Embedded MATLAB, Simulink functions, and events.

Presenter: Michael Carone, MathWorks product marketing manager for Stateflow

View Part 1 or Part 2 of this webinar series.

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Grabados: 23 mar 2010