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Developing Measurement and Analysis Systems Using Agilent Instruments

When designing and testing modern electronic systems, engineers rely on measured data from external hardware such as signal analyzers, waveform generators, and oscilloscopes.  Because of their unique systems and testing needs, engineers also need the ability to customize, extend, and automate their analysis, and often turn to MATLAB to meet these challenges.  

In this webinar, we show how MATLAB can be used to develop custom measurement and analysis systems, interface to instruments such as Agilent analyzers, generators, and scopes, and develop automated measurement systems.

Through live demonstrations, learn how to use MATLAB to:

  • Acquire, analyze, and visualize live or acquired measurements
  • Generate complex signals including multi-tone, pulsed radar, and multi-carrier
  • Apply custom filters to live or measured signals
  • Create advanced 2-D and 3-D visualizations of live wireless signals
  • Acquire, filter, and analyze live digital signals using GUI-based applications
  • Create and execute your own custom analysis functions for instrumentation
  • Create and analyze modulation schemes for proprietary communications signals

Steve Crain, RF/Microwave Applications Engineer, Agilent Technologies
Dan Doherty, Partner Manager, MathWorks
Neil Hoffman, Digital Test Specialist, Agilent Technologies

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