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Realización de cálculos matemáticos simbólicos

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Solving Algebraic and Differential Equations
(MATLAB) (Notebook)

Mass-Spring-Damper System

Integration and Diffferentiation

Solving Equations and Linear Algebra

Formula Manipulation and Simplification

Simulink and Simscape

Variable-Precision Arithmetic

Notebook Examples

Dynamic Analysis of a DC Motor

Modeling the Motion of a Double Pendulum

Modeling the Power Generated by a Wind Turbine

Modeling the Motion of an Automotive Piston

Calculating Jacobians of Nelson Siegel and Svensson Models

Modeling the Velocity of a Paratrooper

Modeling Aircraft Wing Loads

Mass-Spring-Damper System

Developing an Algorithm to Undistort Pixel Locations of an Image

Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products

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