Simulink Coder

Tuning Parameters and Logging Data

Simulink Coder helps you optimize your algorithm’s performance and improve code execution behavior by enabling you to interact with and analyze the generated executable.

Simulink Coder lets you monitor and tune block signals and parameters using the following data interfaces:

Target-based C API — Enables user-written code to access block outputs and parameters outside MATLAB and Simulink

Host-based ASAP2 data exchange file — Lets you use the ASAP2 standard data description for data measurement, calibration, and diagnostic systems outside MATLAB and Simulink

Simulink External mode — Lets you download new parameter values and upload signal values to view in Simulink or to record in the MATLAB workspace. (Opening a dialog box for a source block causes Simulink to pause. While Simulink is paused, you can edit the parameter values. You must close the dialog box to have the changes take effect and allow Simulink to continue.)

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