Simulink Code Inspector

Code Generation and Inspection

Code inspection is independent of code generation. By default, Simulink Code Inspector assumes that the code has already been generated. However, you can configure the inspector to generate code as part of the code inspection process. You can also specify the locations of the generated source code files, such as those used by your production build processes. The inspection can be invoked via the user interface or the command line.

Simulink Code Inspector examines the following general categories during code inspection:

  • Model interfaces
  • Block behavior
  • Block connectivity and execution order
  • Data and file packaging
  • Local variables and functional model elements

The specific analyses performed range from high-level interface assessment, such as checking whether the initialize and step functions were generated, to a detailed analysis of block execution order to determine if the data dependency between two block components is preserved in the generated code.

You can review the inspection status message directly in MATLAB or examine detailed reports, as described in the next section, which include a fine-grained traceability analysis with interactive links to the design objects.

A successful (verified) code inspection using MATLAB commands.
A successful (verified) code inspection using MATLAB commands.
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