Converting Simscape Models to C Code

With Simscape you can convert your models into C code, enabling you to use the accelerator modes of Simulink to reduce simulation time. You can also convert Simscape models into C code using Simulink Coder™, which lets you:

  • Run your model in real time, enabling you to perform HIL testing
  • Integrate your model into other simulation environments
  • Compile your Simscape model for standalone simulations, which accelerate analyses like parameter studies and Monte Carlo simulations

Running Parameter Sweeps: Fan Speed 4:38
Run a parameter sweep using a standalone executable. Convert the Simscape™ model to C code to enable rapid testing of parameter values.

Configuring your models to run in real time enables you to use hardware-in-the-loop testing instead of expensive prototypes to test your system. You can find mistakes earlier in the development process, reducing costs and shortening the design cycle.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Testing 5:21
Use HIL testing instead of hardware prototypes to test control algorithms. Convert physical model to C code and simulate in real time on controller hardware.

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