Polyspace Bug Finder

Producing Code Metrics and Monitoring Software Quality

Polyspace Bug Finder generates project-level, file-level, and function-level metrics to evaluate the complexity of code. Polyspace Bug Finder supports generation of Hersteller Initiative Software (HIS) metrics, which can be exported to a web dashboard. Code complexity metrics include:

  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Comment density
  • Call levels
  • Number of paths
  • Number of function parameters

You can define a centralized quality model to track defects, code complexity, and coding rules violations. Using these metrics, you can track your progress toward predefined software quality objectives as your code evolves. By measuring the rate of improvement in code quality, Polyspace Bug Finder enables developers, testers, and project managers to target and deliver high-quality code.

Software quality metrics displayed via web browser.
Software quality metrics displayed via a web browser.
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