Filter Design HDL Coder

Designing Fixed-Point Filters

The design entry input to Filter Design HDL Coder is a quantized filter that you create in one of two ways:

  • Design and quantize the filter with DSP System Toolbox
  • Design the filter with Signal Processing Toolbox and then quantize it with DSP System Toolbox

Filter Design HDL Coder supports several important filter structures, including:

Discrete-time finite impulse response (FIR), which includes symmetric, anti-symmetric, and transposed structures

Second-order section (SOS) infinite impulse response (IIR), which includes direct form I, II, and transposed structures

Multirate filters, which includes cascaded integrator-comb (CIC) interpolator and decimator, direct-form FIR and transposed FIR polyphase interpolator and decimator, FIR hold and linear interpolator, and FIR polyphase sample rate converter structures

Fractional delay filters, which includes Farrow structures

Filter Design HDL Coder can generate HDL code from cascaded multirate and discrete-time filters. Each of these single-rate and multirate filter structures supports fixed-point and floating-point (double precision) realizations. In addition, the FIR structures support unsigned fixed-point coefficients.


Using DSP System Toolbox to prepare the filter design for code generation by quantizing, adjusting the scale values for, and re-quantizing the filter.

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