MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Requirements and Installation

Hardware and Software Support

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server can be installed on all hardware platforms and operating systems that MATLAB and Simulink support. Server workers can execute MATLAB GPU code on CUDA-enabled GPUs that are available on the computer on which the workers are running.

Multiple MATLAB Distributed Computing Server workers can be launched on a single computer. However, the benefits accrue only with sufficient availability of RAM and enough processing cores on that computer. The recommendation is to run one worker per processing core.

Learn more about system requirements for MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.

Supported Schedulers

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server can be integrated with any scheduler. The server comes with MATLAB job scheduler, which is intended for personal or workgroup clusters that run MATLAB jobs exclusively.

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server supports commercially available third-party schedulers, either directly or indirectly. Platform LSF, Microsoft Windows HPC Server, Altair PBS Pro, and TORQUE are directly supported. All other schedulers, such as Grid Engine, can be integrated using the server’s generic scheduler API (sample integration scripts are available in the product). For all schedulers, server workers are launched in the same way as other programs that run on the cluster.

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Admin Center tool, available with MATLAB job scheduler.

Admin Center, available with the MATLAB job scheduler. You can use Admin Center to launch and monitor processes associated with running server workers.

Installation and Configuration

Detailed instructions for configuring the installation are available online. Installation instructions include customizations for operating systems and integration with various schedulers.

Learn how to set up MATLAB Distributed Computing Server on a cluster.

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