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Combine Control Systems Consulting Services

Model-based calibration of internal combustion engines


  • Static and dynamic data-driven modeling
  • Quantitatively correct dynamic models
  • Control systems design for engine and climate control
  • Advanced control strategies such as IMC and MPC
  • Consultants


Combine Control Systems provides services in model-based engine calibration and control design. Model-based engine calibration uses grey-box models of the engine, with parameters that are fitted to measurement data. The models are then used to calibrate and optimise the engine control system. This is done for both static phenomena, such as torque model and target VVT, and dynamic phenomena, such as load calculation and load prediction. The models are also used for control design, virtual sensors, and robust design. The company's consultants also use their know-how in modeling and control design for climate control and process industry applications.

Combine Control Systems provides services primarily for the automotive industry, including both manufacturers and suppliers, but also for the process industry. The most important tools used are MATLAB and Simulink. For modeling and calibration, they make heavy use of the Model-Based Calibration Toolbox. Other important tools are Optimization Toolbox and Statistics Toolbox. Optimization Toolbox is used in making custom models that must be fitted to measurement data and to do some of the optimisation of the control systems, such as target VVT. Statistics Toolbox is important for evaluating measurement data and model quality.

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