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Advanced technology for risk analysis and management


  • Strategic-integrated asset/liability management
  • Models formulated as dynamic stochastic programming models
  • Tailor-made using open models and user interfaces
  • Analysis of risks in markets such as exchange rates, commodity prices, macro-economics
  • Density functions shaped to your specifications
  • Numerous techniques for insight, back-testing, stress testing, etc.


Our RisKontroller technology enables you to rapidly develop and modify tailor-made models and systems. The technology combines advanced stochastic process estimation, sparse tree generation, dynamic stochastic modeling and solution, density function estimation, and techniques for sculpting density functions of model outcomes. These techniques enable you to analyze large multi-factor models over time, integrate multiple types of risks, incorporate policy and legal constraints, decide on policies based on desired density function profiles, and access and change internal models. We provide training, workshops, implementation, and consulting services, as well as services for tailoring the models and the system.

Our clients include central banks and ministries, pension funds, insurance companies, institutional investors, and companies performing strategic risk analysis and management. We use MATLAB for creating GUIs, handling graphics, and performing analytical functions.

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