Connect to Your Computer

If you already have MATLAB installed, download the MATLAB Mobile app to your iOS or Android device and install MATLAB Connector on your computer. You can then use MATLAB wherever you have network access to the computer with your MATLAB installation. Connecting to your computer enables you to access your own scripts, files, and add-on products. Figures you created on your desktop will also be available.

Getting Started

To set up MATLAB Connector on your computer, follow these steps.

Note: For versions R2013a and later, you can skip step 1.

  1. Download and install MATLAB Connector on your computer.

    • Extract the contents of the zip file.
    • Start MATLAB.
    • In MATLAB, navigate to the folder that contains the downloaded files.
    • Run >>install_connector
  2. Start the connector on your computer.

    • In MATLAB, run >>connector on.
    • When prompted, enter a password that contains at least five characters (letters or numbers only). MATLAB stores your connector password for future sessions.
  3. Set up the connection on your mobile device.

    • Tap Settings.
    • Type either the DNS name or IP address of your computer.
    • Type the password that you specified for the connector.
    • Tap Connect.

These directions are also in the app's Getting Started guide.

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