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Class: sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelope
Package: sdo.requirements

Evaluate step response bound


c = evalRequirement(req,sig)


c = evalRequirement(req,sig) evaluate whether a signal satisfies specified step response bounds.

Input Arguments


sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelope object.


MATLAB® timeseries object or nxm array, where the 1st column is time and subsequent columns are signal values.

Numeric or generalized linear time invariant (LTI) model, if you have Simulink® Control Design™ software.

Output Arguments


Column vector indicating the maximum signed distance of the signal to each edge in the step response envelope.

Signed distances to upper bound edges appear before signed distances to lower bounds edges. Negative values indicate that the bound edge is satisfied and positive values indicate that the bound edge is violated.


Evaluate step response bounds on signal.

 req = sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelope;
 sig = timeseries(1-exp(-(0:10)'));
 c = evalRequirement(req,sig);

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