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Package: sedb

Event information in discrete-event simulation


ev_struct = evinfo(evid)


ev_struct = evinfo(evid) returns a structure that stores information about the event with identifier evid. To obtain a list of events on the event calendar and their identifiers, use sedb.evcal.

Input Arguments


String that represents an event identifier.

Output Arguments


Structure that stores information about the event. The following table describes the ev_struct fields.

IDEvent identifier
EventTypeType of event
EventTimeScheduled time of event
PriorityPriority of event
EntityIdentifier of entity associated with the event
BlockPath name of block that executes the event


View event information:

  1. Begin a debugger session for a particular model. At the MATLAB® command prompt, enter:

  2. Proceed in the simulation. At the sedebug>> prompt, enter:


    The output shows the identifier, ev1, in the display:

    Initializing Time-Based Entity Generators
        Scheduling EntityGeneration Event (ev1)
        : EventTime = 0.000000000000000 (Now)
        : Priority  = 1
        : Entity    = <none>
        : Block     = Time-Based Entity Generator
  3. View information about the event that the application is about to schedule:

    evid = gcev
    evdetails = evinfo(evid)

    The output shows the same identifier, ev1, in the workspace variable, evid, and the ID field of the structure, evdetails:

    evid =
    evdetails =
               ID: 'ev1'
        EventType: 'EntityGeneration'
        EventTime: 0
         Priority: '1'
           Entity: ''
            Block: 'sedemo_count_attributes/Time-Based Entity Generator'
  4. End the debugger session. At the sedebug>> prompt, enter:


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