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Set or modify MPC object properties




The set function is used to set or modify the properties of an MPC controller (see MPC Controller Object for background on MPC properties). Like its Handle Graphics® counterpart, set uses property name/property value pairs to update property values.

set(MPCobj,'Property',Value) assigns the value Value to the property of the MPC controller MPCobj specified by the string 'Property'. This string can be the full property name (for example, 'UserData') or any unambiguous case-insensitive abbreviation (for example, 'user').

set(MPCobj,'Property1',Value1,'Property2',Value2,...) sets multiple property values with a single statement. Each property name/property value pair updates one particular property.

set(MPCobj,'Property') displays admissible values for the property specified by 'Property'. See MPC Controller Object for an overview of legitimate MPC property values.

set(sys) displays all assignable properties of sys and their admissible values.

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